Which Wes Anderson film character are you?

Are you more of a Tenenbaum or a Zissou?

Wes Anderson characters
Wes Anderson characters

With the news that his eighth studio film Isle of Dogs is coming to cinemas April 20 2018, it’s time to get lost in legendary director Wes Anderson’s fantastical world.

Anderson is a man of intricacies. Just like his meticulously-designed, symmetrical sets – tiny, neat parts stacked like perfect Lego bricks – every character he creates has serious depth. Some of these aren’t obvious from the beginning, only revealed as his films gradually evolve. They’ll be stern and unapproachable at first, before revealing a softer side. They’ll be tormented by the perils of youth, but wiser beyond their years. In many ways, they’re like all of us in real life – easy to define on first glance, impossible to sum up the more you know them.

With that in mind, narrowing the characteristics of Wes Anderson’s creations to just a few traits is a tough task. A character who might seem greedy, self-obsessed or arrogant might eventually reveal themselves to be the opposite. They’re all complex beasts. But in another testament to Anderson’s talents, you can tell pretty much every single one of his 162 characters apart. Take NME’s quiz to see whether you’re more of a Tenenbaum or a Zissou, for better or worse.

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