Watch The Strokes give first live performance of 2017

The 17-song set list included tracks from ‘Is This It’ and ‘Room on Fire’.

The Strokes 2017 performance

The Strokes played their first ever live set of 2017, during their headline slot at Colombia’s Estéreo Picnic Festival last night (March 24).

The band last released their ‘Future Past Present’ EP last year but predominantly focused on past discography during their 17 song set.

Opening with ‘The Modern Age’, the band also played fan favorites such as ‘Soma’, ‘Someday’, ‘Reptilia’, ‘Is This It’, and ‘New York City Cops’. The encore included ’80s Comedown Machine’, ‘Heart in a Cage’, and ‘Hard to Explain’. You can watch a compilation of fan footage from the performance below.

You can see the full set list below.

The Strokes Estéreo Picnic Festival set list:

The Modern Age
Drag Queen
Is This It
Threat of Joy
Automatic Stop
Trying Your Luck
New York City Cops
Alone, Together
Last Nite

80s Comedown Machine
Heart in a Cage
Hard to Explain

The Strokes are currently working on a new album. They have not released a full-length since 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine’.

“We’re definitely working,” bassist Nikolai Fraiture told NME. “As people know by now, deadlines are not our forte. Anticipation and surprises are still part of the excitement of releasing new music.”

Discussing balancing The Strokes with his new band Summer Moon, Fraiture added: “With the pace of The Strokes as it is, I see plenty of time and room to do both. We play the song ‘Chemical Solution’ differently live than on the record. There’s an extended solo section at the end where everyone gets lost in the music. It’s a beautiful moment and I’m hoping to capture those new feelings on tape (and hard drive).”

Meanwhile, guitarist Nick Valensi told NME: “The Strokes are alive and well and living in New York City. We are working on music and we want to put music out hopefully next year.

“If I start saying that now, though, then people just get too excited and then there’s all this hype you’ve got to compete with and that’s not fun. If anything I’d rather just pull a Beyoncé next year and just drop shit.”

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