Watch Jesus and Mary Chain and Sky Ferreira perform ‘The Two Of Us’ on US TV

Singer joined Scottish band for team-up on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

The Jesus And Mary Chain performed with Sky Ferreira on US TV’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (May 16).

Ferreira joined the Scottish band for a rendition of ‘The Two Of Us’ from the band’s recent comeback album ‘Damage And Joy’.

The singer doesn’t actually feature on the album version of the track, which instead features vocals from former Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell. Ferreira instead appears on another track on the LP, titled ‘Black and Blues’.

Watch The Jesus and Mary Chain team up with Sky Ferreira below:

Earlier this week, Sky Ferreira discussed her upcoming role in the revival series of Twin Peaks.

“The whole time, I was thinking, I’m in it. The thing is, I already live [Twin Peaks] in my head—but I wasn’t imagining it this time,” Ferreira told Vanity Fair of her experience on set.

“I have literally watched everything of Lynch’s at least 20 times, so I know I’m going to have to watch all of [the revival] at least twice,” she added. “I never watch myself in anything I do—but this is probably the only time I’ll make an exception.”

Explaining a bit more about her role, Ferreira stated that she won’t be performing in the show like Julee Cruise did in the original series. “I’m not, like, Julee Cruise as myself,” Ferreira said. “And I’m kind of glad I’m not. I got to be something completely outside of myself.”

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