Watch Iggy Pop take on an angelic role in the trailer for ‘Starlight’

‘Starlight’ will be released on Blu-Ray and On-Demand May 9

Iggy Pop appears in a trailer for the French film, ‘Starlight’. He plays an angelic role, watching over a troupe of troubled circus performers.

The film is directed by Sophie Blondy and first made its festival rounds way back in 2013. The film is finally getting a Blu-Ray and on-demand release on May 9, Rolling Stone reports.

In the film, Pop appears as an overwatch-type figure who turns up at crucial moments of the film as members of this failing circus dig themselves into emotional turmoil and love triangles. Set on the shores of the North Sea, the film sees the characters divide into opposing factions and pitted against each other.

This isn’t the first full-length feature Iggy has turned up in. Pop’s cinematic career stretches back as far as 1983 and will continue through into Terrence Malick’s new drama ‘Song To Song’.

Watch Iggy Pop appear in the ‘Starlight’ trailer below.

Recently Henry Rollings – of Black Flag fame – penned a heartfelt tribute to Iggy Pop on the singer’s 70th birthday. Rollings wrote, “Defiance with a backbeat is a great way to land hard on the bad guys and feel good doing it. Happy birthday to the street-walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm!”

In other news, Iggy Pop shared a new acoustic track titled ‘Asshole Blues’ that’s set to be released as a part of the Jacuzzi Boys’ Mag Mag label’s flexi disc series on April 21.

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