Watch Emma Watson reveal whether she wants a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sequel

Actress starred as Belle in Disney’s recent live-action remake

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Emma Watson has revealed whether she would be keen on a sequel to Beauty and the Beast.

The former Harry Potter actress portrayed Belle in Disney’s recent live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Read the NME review of the film here.

With Watson on course to be the highest-earning actress of the year thanks to the film, she was asked by Access Hollywood whether she had heard talk of a sequel.

“I’ve not heard any of this,” Watson said, but added: “I would love to do a sequel.”

On what a second film might entail, Watson said: “I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village. This was where I was going.”

Of the film’s success, Watson continued: “It has been crazy. I mean, I hoped that the movie would do well but this has been insane, like completely beyond all of my wildest dreams and expectations. I am so grateful.”

Watch the full interview below.

Watson is taking legal action after personal photos were leaked online.

She also recently made headlines after appearing in a partially-topless photo shoot for Vanity Fair, leading to criticism and accusations of hypocrisy from Beyonce fans.

Responding to the backlash, Watson said: “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with, it’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my tits have to do with it, it’s quite confusing. I’m always just quietly stunned.

“The shot itself I was honestly slightly taken aback by, because we’d been doing so many crazy things on that shoot,” Watson continued. “But it felt incredibly artistic and I’ve been so creatively involved and engaged with [Vanity Fair photographer Tim Walker], and I’m so thrilled with how interesting and beautiful the photographs were. It always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is of what feminism is.”

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