Watch Ed Sheeran join Kurupt FM for Comic Relief collaboration

The singer/songwriter has joined the cast of ‘People Just Do Nothing’ for a charity sketch and forthcoming single

Ed Sheeran and Kurupt FM
Ed Sheeran and Kurupt FM

Ed Sheeran has collaborated with Kurupt FM for a new charity single and sketch for Comic Relief.

The ÷ artist has teamed up with the cast of the BBC3 comedy People Just Do Nothing to help raise funds for the charity drive, which will take place this year on March 24.

With the song and its accompanying video set to be released on the same day, the first part of the sketch has now been released by the BBC. Showing the garage troupe turning up to a recording studio to meet with Sheeran, the Kurupt FM crew mistakenly believe that Sheeran is a studio employee upon first meeting him – only for their manager Chabuddy G to point out that the big “urban artist” they’re working with is in fact “Ed Shearer.”

Watch the first part of the sketch below.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sheeran said: “It’s true that I’ve been in the studio working on a track with the People Just Do Nothing guys AKA Kurupt FM. They’ve have taken our sessions away to mix, and I can’t wait to hear the end product. I totally trust Kurupt to produce something amazing and, without jinxing things, I think it could be up there with my best work.”

Chabuddy, meanwhile, issued this statement: “Kuruft FM featuring Ed Shearer [sic]! One of the most epic collaborations since peanut dust combined with martini to make the world famous Peanutini.”

Elsewhere, it was announced this past weekend that Sheeran will have a guest cameo in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

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