Viewers slam ITV’s ‘awkward’ and ‘unfunny’ ‘The Nightly Show’

David Walliams and Martin Clunes starred in last night’s launch episode.

'The Nightly Show' criticised by viewers
‘The Nightly Show’ criticised by viewers

The first episode of ITV’s new American-style chatshow attracted a dismissive response from many viewers on Twitter last night.

The Nightly Show, airing at 10pm in the traditional ‘News At Ten’ slot, is billed by ITV as a “high tempo mixture of topical monologue, studio games, celebrity guests, experts and VT’s”.

A different celebrity will host the show each week, with David Williams presenting last night’s launch episode. Martin Clunes and impressionist Nina Conti joined him on the sofa as special guests.

ITV’s Head Of Comedy Entertainment, Peter Davey, said when the show was announced in November: “We’re really excited about launching this bold new show, and delighted that David will kick off what will be an eight week entertainment treat for viewers.”

Ratings for episode one aren’t in yet, but viewers on Twitter complained that it was “awkward”, “unfunny” and “rubbish”. One even branded the show “lobotomised juvenile watered down chat show dustbin dregs”.

Check out a selection of their tweets below.

Hmm. The Nightly Show. I’d rather have the News. Turned it off. Rubbish. #fail #sillyidea

— Trisha Whitehouse (@The_only_Trisha) February 27, 2017

#broadchurch brilliant. #nightly show banal rubbish. Remarkable scheduling Itv. Early night beckons

— D Smith (@Dorianne32) February 27, 2017

Stumbled into The Nightly Show with David Walliams. It’s really really shit. Like lobotomised juvenile watered down chat show dustbin dregs.

— Simon Feegrade (@sfeegrade) February 28, 2017

The new Nightly Show with David Walliams feels awkward.

— Haley Storey (@portsmouthinfo) February 27, 2017

My first impression of this Nightly Show thing with David Walliams is that it’s fucking shit, because it is fucking shit.

— Dan Lovering (@LedburyGas) February 27, 2017

The Nightly Show is cringingly unfunny.

— Dave Alcock (@davealcock1) February 27, 2017

Had been interested in watching the Nightly Show, but after five minutes it’s already desperately unfunny.

— Scott Goodacre (@scottgoodacre) February 27, 2017

#thenightlyshow slightly awkward version of any American nightly show

— Elton Gray (@Elton_Gray) February 27, 2017

Just watched about 3 minutes of The Nightly Show on ITV and I think its a bit cheap, boring It makes me wanna go to sleep #thenightlyshow

— Stephen Rogerson (@OL8Stephen) February 28, 2017

Verdict on the Nightly Show. Forced. Not funny. Boring. Trying too hard to be like American TV. Martin Clunes isn’t Matt Damon.

— Ross Hancock (@SCFCRoss) February 27, 2017

Walliams will return to host The Nightly Show tonight and for the rest of the week. Comedian John Bishop has already been confirmed as next week’s host.

Martin Clunes like you’ve never seen before! 😂
With a little help from @ninaconti!
See you at 10pm, when we do it all again. #TheNightlyShow

— ITV (@ITV) February 28, 2017

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