This band has made an ever-changing video that’s never the same twice

We’ll level with you, we’d never heard of Shaking Chains before – but they’ve gone and done something pretty interesting. Something that may well just be them looking for coverage. But damn, it’s worked. For their new single ‘Midnight Oil’, they’ve used some kind of computer voodoo to make a music video that is never, ever repeats itself. Meaning that the video I see, and the video you see will never be the same. Magic! Their dastardly algorithm has plundered YouTube, based on 100 changing search terms relating to the lyrical content of the song, and picks up short clips from various videos and sets them to the Shaking Chains tune – which, in case you were interested, sounds a bit like 1980s punkabilly bluesmen The Gun Club had they spent more Sunday afternoons in the Arndale Centre.

Watch the video at

Speaking to the BBC the band’s drummer Jack Hardiker – he’s the one who came up with the idea – explained a bit more about the formula behind the film. “”Each slot is filled with content based on a specific search term… The developer had to work with getting the timings perfect and it took a long time as it’s what makes the video feel like a whole.”

Things we saw in our version of the film, which you might not: A monkey riding a goat. A dodgy make-up tutorial. Rhythmic gymnastics. A sermon. A ruddy big fight. FIRE! Some twerking. Honey Boo Boo. Dad? A sad elephant.

Your turn.

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