There’s a petition to make Louis Theroux the next Prime Minister

It describes him as ‘one of the most understanding, smart and trusted men in the UK’

Louis Theroux is the subject of an online petition calling for him to be the next UK Prime Minister.

The petition, created by the website Konbini, describes BBC documentary maker and cult figure Theroux as “one of the most understanding, smart and trusted men in the UK” who “has more skills to work out what is best for post-Brexit Britain than May, Farage and Corbyn combined”.

“Since the EU referendum in Britain, politicians, experts and those with the country in their hands have failed to show they are capable of leading the nation during this complex time,” the petition continues. “We call on the government to accept that the only right thing to do is appoint presenter, documentary maker and national treasure Louis Theroux as the next prime minister.”

“And if he fails, at least he can make a bloody good film about it (or become leader of the opposition and fire some pretty great questions around the Houses of Parliament).”

In an article explaining its petition, Konbini argue further why Theroux would make a perfect PM. “He’s quintessentially British,” the article reads. “A whole bunch of leave voters want Britain’s ~sovereignty~ back, and who better to reach out and grab it than a man that is so incredibly English it hurts? He’s polite, noble, shy and yet socially smart, foppish and has floppy hair. Hello, revolution.”

“Okay, so we’re obviously kidding – the guy hasn’t even responded to our tweets yet,” it adds. “It might only be a pipe dream that we’ll one day pay our taxes to the non-fiction revolutionary, but it might be our only hope of a stable nation. (We’re also still up for an interview Louis, if you’re keen.)”

You can sign the petition here. Currently, 2,166 people have signed the petition (correct at the time of publishing).

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Theroux won Best Film for My Scientology Movie at the VO5 NME Awards 2017 in February. At the ceremony, he told NME how he once took a selfie with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

He said: “The most rock and roll thing I’ve ever done… I once met Alex Turner. I normally fly economy because I’m saving money for the license payer, but I got upgraded. Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys was there. I got a selfie with him. That’s the only time I’ve ever got a selfie with someone. He seemed totally bemused by who I was. And why not?”

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