The most ridiculous trailer of 2017 is here: meet Blood Drive, the new Sharknado

It’s got cannibals, cults, lawmen, Amazons, nymphomaniacs, and lots of blood

Blood Drive

If you’re familiar with Sharknado, the long-running made-for-TV disaster horror-comedy franchise about deadly sharks being lifted out of the ocean and plonked in urban locales, then Blood Drive won’t be difficult for you to fathom. It’s a new comedy-horror TV show from the same network (Syfy) that pays tribute to the grindhouse genre – and as its name suggests, it’s set in a world where cars run on human blood instead of petrol.

For some reason, this gives the show license to gratuitously employ sensationalist B-movie horror tropes like cannibals, monsters, cults, Amazons and, er, nymphomaniacs. From the hyperactive looks of the trailer, the show seems utterly vapid – probably one of the reasons Sharknado is such a beloved and successful franchise – but that vapidity also makes it look like a lot of fun. This thing is set in the near-future 1999 of a parallel universe’s America, and it combines the lawless, post-apocalyptic desert atmosphere of Mad Max with the ridiculous goriness of any Tarantino film. The production values look pretty poor compared to those films, but it’ll probably still get legions of viewers, for the same reasons people loved the brilliantly po-faced time-travelling noir/kung-fu short film Kung Fury. Sometimes, silliness is exactly what people want.

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