The latest ‘Walking Dead’ death has confirmed a month-old fan theory

YouTuber BROKENROBOT3000: take a bow

The Walking Dead

WARNING: Spoilers follow for The Walking Dead season 7, episode 13. Do not read on if you have not seen this episode.

Ratings for The Walking Dead recently hit a four-year low. For most of us, last week’s episode was mainly about a really rubbish-looking CGI deer. But not all hope is lost for the show – the latest episode, ‘Bury Me Here’, was actually brilliant, suggesting a return to form for the long-running zombie show, and a return to the spotlight for Walking Dead fan theories.

Yes: this is the news that a Walking Dead fan theory has actually come true. Well – it seems to have been confirmed, at least, thanks to the events of episode 13, which made the theory’s contents look all but inevitable.

YouTuber BROKENROBOT3000 pretty much guessed where the plot of episode 13 was heading all the way back in episode 9. In that episode, ‘Rock in the Road’, the young, idealistic character Benjamin made a lengthy speech that, according to the theorist, spelled his impending doom. And now, a month later, Benjamin has bitten the dust.

That wasn’t all the theory suggested though: in the video below, the theorist suggested that Benjamin’s death would be the catalyst that drove Ezekiel “over the top to go to war”, deciding to team up with Rick and the Alexandrians, with the aim of taking down Negan and his band of Saviors for good. And in episode 13, that seems to be exactly what will happen. Check it out below:

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