Ten Walls set to release debut album following 2015 homophobia controversy

The producer, AKA Marijus Adomaitis, faced a backlash in June 2015 for inflammatory comments he made on Facebook

Ten Walls
Ten Walls

Lithuanian producer Ten Walls is set to release his debut album later this month – nearly two years after he became embroiled in controversy over homophobic comments he made on social media.

Ten Walls, aka Marijus Adomaitis, attracted negative headlines and a heated backlash from the dance music community in June 2015 following a post he shared Facebook that recalled a moment when a fellow Lithuanian musician tried to convince him to be more tolerant. “When I asked him ‘What would you do if you realised that your 16-year-old son’s browny [anus] is ripped by his boyfriend?’ Well, he was silent,” Ten Walls wrote. He later talked about “the good ’90s,” in a comment, “when these people of different breed [were] fixed”.

Ten Walls apologised for the comments in September 2015, and, in an effort to make amends, collaborated with a transgender singer three months later.

The producer is now set to move on with his career by releasing his debut album, ‘Queen’, on March 15. Watch a teaser for the album below.

Speaking about the album, Adomaitis said that ‘Queen’ is an album of “contrasts.”

“It is a story that covers various moments of my life as well as musical experiences. You can hear my favourite childhood fairytale, sounds of Vilnius recorded through my window, or some flashbacks from the spiritual lessons that brace me still. And it is music that leads you through the entire way.”

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