Ten things that will blow your mind on the You Me At Six Tour

Got tickets? Get excited.

Josh Franceschi from You Me At Six belts it out from the Main Stage at Reading on Friday.

Back with a moody, adult rock fifth album ‘Night People’ and a “stadiums or bust” attitude, Surrey rock sensations You Me At Six have announced an April 2017 UK tour, culminating at Alexandra Palace, that promises to be a shirt-flinging, tout-defying riot. Here’s singer Josh Franceschi’s ten reasons why.

There’ll be flying screens

“We’re looking at hopefully having screens that come out from different angles and moving screens that can move up in the air and across the stage. Even in the space of the last two years, the things you can do production wise have completely changed. You can take it to a whole new level if you want to spend the money.”

It’ll be a Reading & Leeds headline show, indoors

“We’re trying to bring a festival headline slot into the venues we’re playing, take it up a few levels. While we’ve been away there have been some great bands, some of which are our friends, coming to prominence and they’re putting on great shows all around the world so it’s our turn to come back with a bang. We know we want to do something grander than we’ve done before.”
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There will be ‘swagger’

“There’s definitely a new mood, a new vibe onstage. I don’t envision us doing the whole jumping up and down on the spot in unison sort of thing that we’ve done before, mainly because it’s not what we want to do anymore. There’s a new vibe and, dare I say, swagger. Not swagger as in popping champagne but a moodier thing going on. Also, Matt [Barnes, bass] has picked up some other instruments and he’s now singing live – we’re trying to replicate the sound of the record with us five doing it ourselves.”

You’ll go topless

“We play a song called ‘Reckless’ and we did it back in 2012 at Reading & Leeds and I asked the whole audience to take their shirt off and fling it around their heads. 40,000 people all jumping up and down flinging their shirts above their heads, the people who were there have remembered it and its become a cult thing. Without fail, anywhere in the world, people do it.”
Danny North/NME

Drake might guest (possibly)

“Special guests? Well Drake’s on speed-dial, he’ll be coming over I’m sure. He mentioned that he’d be playing a ton of nights at the O2 but he said because he’s charging £150 it’s not going so well. Only joking, I think he’s already cleared them all out!”

You definitely won’t get ripped off by touts

“We started a petition trying to change the legislation to make it illegal for secondary ticket companies to buy, for some shows, thirty per cent of the capacity of the venue and reselling them at a hiked up price. There’s been a growth in that part of the industry of over one billion pounds last year. We managed to get the petition up to 80,000 signatures and last week I met the Minister For Culture & Performing Arts and they’re behind it. I’ve sat down with our promoters and management and told them all the companies that are no longer allowed to sell tickets for You Me At Six. This is about fans of live music and enough’s enough, man. Hopefully there’s some changes made.”

The new songs are already encores

“We decided to play ‘Night People’ last on the last tour. A lot of our existing fans like us when our songs are more angsty and rocky and I’m not sure ‘Night People’ was necessarily the song people were expecting us to come back with but I’ve been blown away by how ‘Night People’ and ‘Plus One’ have been going down.”

You’ll forget your troubles

“The people who come to our shows really love music and they see it as an opportunity to completely leave all of the shit of the outside world, whether it be work, family, friends, whatever’s going on in their life, they leave those issues at the door. You go and see some bands and fights can kick off or people can be nasty to each other, but it’s always an interesting view to have onstage where you see a group of strangers in harmony enjoying themselves.”
Jenn Five/NME

The band are reborn

“I fell out of love with music in a way that I didn’t think I’d ever fall out with it, I didn’t pick up the guitar for maybe two years between 2013 and 2015. I’d sort of had enough and there was a bit of soul searching to be done, so I did that and figured out the missing pieces. Not worrying so much about the success of our peers helped me focus on what it was I wanted to say and the tones I wanted to create, and that was a very exciting period of the band’s career, realising that as far as we were concerned no-one was doing what we are with this record right now.”

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 It’ll be the last chance to see the whites of their eyes

“It’s stadiums or bust for us, and that’s not from an arrogant place, it’s from an ambitious place. In the next two or three years there’s got to be the young crop of rock bands that have been bubbling for a while, some of those bands have got to turn into festival headliners or outdoor headliners, and that’s where we want to take it. Every day we’ve been getting up going ‘we’re gonna headline Milton Keynes Bowl’ or ‘We’re gonna headline the Emirates’ because someone’s got to do it and we definitely want to have a crack at it.”

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