‘Stranger Things’ creators reveal how many seasons the show will last

Netflix series will return on Halloween (October 31)

The creators of Stranger Things have discussed how many seasons they are planning for the hit show.

The Netflix series will return on Halloween (October 31). A teaser trailer was released during the Super Bowl, while new stills have also been released.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer Brothers said that can see the show lasting four or five seasons – but things could change.

“Everything changes as we move forward so we’ll see,” said Ross Duffer.

Matt Duffer added: “I want it to have a really finite ending. I don’t want it to be one of those shows that runs out of gas and they lose it because they’re losing interest. You wanna end when you’re on top.”

Of the new season, Ross said: “Hopefully you’ll come to the end of season two and feel fully satisfied and want more but you’ll feel like it has come to a conclusion. But also we’ve laid the ground work for further seasons.”

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The new cover of Entertainment Weekly features several members of the Stranger Things cast, including what Eleven might look like in season two.

Details recently emerged about the plot in season two with co-creator Matt Duffer explaining that the character of Will Byers – who went missing in season one – now “seems to be seeing images from the Upside Down – the question is whether they’re real or not. So it seems like he’s having some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Byers’ mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder), is now dating an old high school classmate, Bob (played by The Goonies’ Sean Astin) and is “trying to mask a lot,” according to Ryder. “I think she’s made this choice with Bob because she wants a good father figure in her sons’ lives.”

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