Stormzy pays tribute to teenager killed in road accident

Breon Levi Simms was just 18-years-old


Stormzy has made an emotional tribute to a fan who died in a tragic accident.

Teenager Breon Levi Simms was a huge fan of the grime artist but passed away after he spent 19 days fighting for his life following a recent road accident.

Stormzy recorded a video message which was played out during the late teenager’s funeral.

“Stormz here, I was actually meant to come down today. We was going to do a tribute for Breon, I was going to do ‘Shut Up’,” he said, which you can view via The Coventry Telegraph.

“We would’ve all done it together – it would’ve been sick, but my head is not screwed on right now so for unfortunate reasons I couldn’t get down there. But yo, I just want to pay my tributes, pay my personal respects, pay my homage because I knew he was a big supporter.

Coventry Telegraph

He continued: “I knew he was someone who enjoyed my music, loved my music, so I’m proper, proper upset that I couldn’t be there to celebrate his life, celebrate everything he’s done.

“But I just want to say to you guys: keep your head up; keep your chin up; make sure you don’t harbour bad feelings about it as much as it’s the worst thing that could happen. Let it be a celebration, let it be a beautiful thing, celebrate his life, celebrate all the good things, all the amazing memories you had with Breon. And we’re paying him tribute man all day, bruv. I wish you could see this, my guy. Rest in peace.”

Stormzy recently met members of the Manchester United squad during his promotional stop at the club’s stadium and training ground, including midfielder Michael Carrick – who the MC said he was “starstruck” about meeting.

His debut album ‘Gang Signs And Prayer’ is currently Number One in the UK album chart.

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