Sharon Horgan discusses Carrie Fisher’s role in new series of ‘Catastrophe’

‘I hope it’s a fitting episode’

Sharon Horgan and Carrie Fisher
Sharon Horgan and Carrie Fisher

Sharon Horgan has spoken out to pay tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, as well as discussing her role in the new series of ‘Catastrophe’.

The new series of the hit Channel 4 comedy started last night to rave reviews, and now fans are eagerly awaiting an appearance from ‘Star Wars’ legend Fisher – who died in December.

“I dropped my phone in the toilet on December 27 [the day that Fisher died] and it had a lot of texts from her that I lost,” ‘Catastrophe’ star Horgan told Time Out. “So when I lost the phone I thought: Shit, those messages were kind of what I had of her, I need to write something down now while I remember it’.”

Speaking of Fisher’s role in the new series, she continued: “She’s only in one episode, the last one, but it’s a big role, more than in any of the other episodes. We thought of something that would really work for that mother character. Because she can’t just pop in: she lives in Boston. We have a great storyline for her. We haven’t got to editing it yet; it’s going to be hard for all the obvious reasons, but it’s a really amazing performance. I hope it’s a fitting episode.”

Last month, Fisher’s fellow ‘Catastrophe’ stars led tributes to her.

“In the first series, and even the second series, we didn’t have her for very long – she flew in and did her bit over a day or two,” Horgan explained. “We idolised her. Of course, we wanted to get to know her better, but just didn’t really have a chance to.

“Then in series three, we wrote this chunkier part for her in episode six and got to spend time with her. She was part of the gang – all of the cast got to spend more time with her.”

Horgan continued: “She was funny all the time. She was incredibly witty company and loved saying asshole-y things to everyone, but also was just a really kind, lovely, supportive person. We feel very privileged and honoured to have known her.”

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