Russell Brand: ‘I really respect Jeremy Corbyn. He’s not doing it for fellatio and grandiosity’

Comic admits he doesn’t know who he’ll vote for in upcoming general election

Russell Brand has spoken favourably of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn while admitting that he’s not sure who he will to vote for in the upcoming UK general election.

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Brand famously urged people not to vote prior to the 2015 election, before changing his mind and endorsing Labour’s Ed Miliband on the eve of the vote. He has now indicated that he will cast his ballot for the first time next month.

Asked by NME who he will vote for, Brand replied: “I don’t know, really. I don’t know.” He also said: “I really respect Jeremy Corbyn, who’s been in politics for 40 years or whatever. I’ve seen what his house looks like. He’s not doing it for fellatio and grandiosity.”

“My opinion on voting is evolving,” Brand continued. “We might be witnessing the end of democracy, although it may be hard to observe in the timeframe of one human life. It makes you question whether any real change can be delivered. Having said that, if you listen to the pledges that the Labour Party are making, they are talking about collecting corporate taxes, cancelling tuition fees, getting rid of zero-hour contracts. Which is weird, because it was only two years ago that there were two centrist parties.”

Brand famously predicted in a 2013 interview with Jeremy Paxman that there would be a “revolution”. He now says: “There has been a revolution [with Brexit and Trump], but I don’t think it’s over. What happens next, when people go, ‘This anti-immigration thing is not working out for us. This shift to the right hasn’t been hugely beneficial’?”

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Earlier this month, the comic released a video imploring and showing young people and non-registered citizens how to register for the forthcoming General Election.

He recorded a straight-to-camera video which acted as a tutorial for how to navigate and register through the GOV website. Brand begins the video by stating that 2.4 million people are not registered to vote and that this General Election is “an opportunity to make real change”.

Brand says that the main reason he took part in this video was to encourage students and young people to register to vote for the first time. He also acknowledged his flip-flopping history telling young people not to vote and then back-peddling on his statements.

“Will you vote for the Labour Party?” Brand asks, “Perhaps you’re a student and want to see tuition fees scrapped; one of their pledges. Or perhaps you’re concerned about the environment and want to vote for the Green Party. That sounds like a sensible vote, too”.

He adds: “Maybe you’ll vote Conservative because you like Theresa May’s new hair-do and look forward to Armageddon”.

The deadline for voter registration is Monday, May 22.

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