‘Pls Like’s Liam Williams reveals quiz on ‘7 things you never knew about Youtube and Vlogging’

‘How to become a superstar vlogger’

Liam Williams presents Pls Like
Liam Williams presents Pls Like

To mark the end of BBC Three’s new series ‘Pls Like’, writer and comedian Liam Williams has provided NME with a tongue-in-cheek to test your Youtube knowledge if you ‘want to become a superstar vlogger’.

‘Pls Like’ is a six-part series starring stand-up Liam Williams as the reluctant winner of a YouTube-based vlogging competition – and must then undergo a series of challenges to secure a £10,000 prize and become a ‘superstar vlogger’.

“Vlogging is so popular that Brighton is now more Youtubers than non-Youtubers, but how much do we really know about these wildly popular, bandwidth-sapping, content creators?” said Williams.

“‘Pls Like’ is a six-part mockumentary series that helps unravel this brave new world. The show follows struggling comedian and unlikely victor of a YouTube competition, Liam Williams, who undertakes the task of becoming a megastar vlogger. Along the way, he receives help and tutorship from some of the countries most revered young YouTubers, from beauty experts to health and fitness gurus.”

See Williams’ Youtube quiz below:

Question 1
The most popular YouTuber in the world is…
a) Millipede
b) The Bongster
c) Fifa Peter
d) Kim Jong-un’s daughter

Answer – c) Kim Jong-un’s daughter has over 6 billion followers.

Question 2
The most used emoji under YouTube videos is…
a) Spooky horse
b) Celery
c) The flag of Cornwall
d) Concerned doctor

Answer – c) Due to a glitch, the flag of Cornwall was the only emoji available in spring last year.

Question 3
The word ‘vlog’ is a portmanteau of the words…
a) ‘Video’ and ‘Blog’
b) ‘Video’ and ‘Eulogy’
c) ‘Viral’ and ‘Clog’
d) It’s not a portmanteau and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that word.

Answer –  b) ‘Video’ and ‘Eulogy’ because some believe they represent the culture of death.

Question 4
The number one cause of house fires at the residence of YouTubers is…
a) Overactive modems
b) Fairy Lights
c) Wanted arsonist/ prankster, Thom Daniels
d) No YouTuber has ever had a house fire.

Answer – d) It’s a legal requirement that the fire brigade offer safety course to all YouTubers with over 100 fairy lights.

Question 5
The most watched comedy video in the world is…
a) Sneezing Panda
b) Dramatic Chipmunk
c) Cheeky Pig
d) Pervy Human

Answer – d) Robots love to watch funny videos on YouTube. ‘Bots’ count for about 21% of all views on ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’

Question 6
If Gandhi had had a YouTube channel it would have been…
a) Extremely popular
b) A bit boring
c) Preachy
d) A miracle

Answer – b) and d) YouTube was invented after Gandhi died in his memory, but there’s no doubt his followers would have found the uploads a bit boring.

Question 7
Every year, the YouTube video with the most thumbs down is…
a) Shown to the Prime Minister who decides what to do
b) Sawn in half and then set on fire
c) Replaced with a beauty vlog
d) Disqualified from the YouTube competition

Answer – a) Paradoxically, David Cameron had to decide what to do with his party political broadcast last year, which received the most thumbs down.

 All episodes of ‘Pls Like are available to watch here.


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