Oscars viral sensation ‘Gary from Chicago’ is a registered sex offender

He was released from jail after 20 years just days before ceremony

“Gary from Chicago”, the member of the public who unexpectedly became part of the Oscars ceremony in a Jimmy Kimmel prank, has been revealed to have a criminal past and is a registered sex offender.

Gary Alan Coe, 59, went viral online when he was brought out by host Kimmel during the Oscars ceremony at the weekend, along with others who thought they were on a Hollywood bus tour.

Coe took the opportunity to take a selfie with Mahershala Ali, kiss Nicole Kidman’s hand and shake hands with Ryan Gosling, while Denzel Washington pretended to marry Coe and his wife-to-be Vicky.

The Chicago Tribune now reports that Coe was released from prison last week, just days before the Oscars ceremony, having been imprisoned for 20 years under California’s “three-strikes” law.

He had been convicted of petty theft in 1997 for stealing perfume. It followed two grand-theft and two shoplifting convictions. He was also convicted of burglary in Illinois during 1991.

Coe has also been revealed to be a registered sex offender for a 1978 conviction of attempted rape.

His public defender, Karen Nash, recently wrote on Facebook that Coe “got out on Friday, and was sightseeing with his lovely fiancé Vicky. If you watched the Oscars, you know the rest.”

She added that Coe and his fiancée were “a little bit overwhelmed” following the press interest but that he “doesn’t hear negativity” and “just wants to get get a job and get on with his life with Vicky.”

Watch the segment in full below:

Watch Denzel Washington marry two of Jimmy Kimmel’s surprise guests at the #Oscars. pic.twitter.com/OWBrQd2sDV

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 27, 2017

I think it’s pretty safe to say Gary from Chicago had a pretty good day 😂👏#Oscars pic.twitter.com/CxiAR0ogaC

— Shujaat Shah (@ShujaatShah13) February 27, 2017

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