New Music of The Day: Cassels – ‘The Weight’

Siblings in bands often breeds a certain fruitfulness. Oasis, obviously spring to mind, as do AC/DC, The Kinks, and more recently – Kings of Leon, Haim and Drenge. That’s not to say that Cassels sound anything like those bands – far from it in fact. But there’s just that unbeatable connection ready to explode between Oxfordshire brothers Jim and Loz Beck.

On ‘The Weight’, that force is channelled purely into the music as thundering drums and sky-scraping guitar riffs collide in brutal fashion – think Royal Blood if they’d been listening to 90s indie instead of Led Zeppelin. Another great guitar hope to get behind this year, it seems.

Here, vocalist and guitarist Jim explains where the self-deprecating nature of the song comes from:

“Like a lot of people, I often use music and writing as a form of self-therapy and catharsis. The words for this song came out of getting annoyed at how sarcastic, cynical and glib I can be when interacting with people. The song is essentially an attempt at self-dissection, at the end of which I came to the conclusion that the reason I act this way is to cope with the anxiety and unease I often feel around people” Jim says.

“Hopefully this is something that others can relate to and take something from. It’s worth saying though that, to be honest, after writing it I still don’t really feel much of a need to change – as a coping mechanism it works pretty well. Oh, and there’s also a couple of snarky lines about a few things which irritate me thrown in as case and point.”

The Weight by Cassels-official

First single to be taken from Foreword – a ‘pre-album’ combining our past releases along with three new tracks on 12″ vinyl, coming out on 7th April via Big Scary Monsters.

The song will appear on Cassels’ forthcoming pre-album ‘Foreword’, which is due out on April 7.

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