Law school introduces criminal justice class based on ‘The Wire’

The ‘Crime, Law and Society in ‘The Wire’ class tackles drug enforcement and gun violence

The University of Pittsburgh Law School has introduced a new criminal justice class based on HBO show The Wire.

The David Simon-created drama, which spanned for five seasons, has been applied to ‘Crime, Law and Society in ‘The Wire,’’, a study of contemporary issues in the criminal justice system. Students will be shown the first season of The Wire and at least one additional season, while analysing current debates around drug enforcement, gun violence and accountability within law enforcement. They will also look at issues including “race, confessions, police manipulation of crime statistics, mass incarceration, use of force, gender and criminal organizations.”

Before enrolling, students are being advised that the show “contains a considerable amount of violence, as well as adult content and language; some may find some or all of this offensive.” If enrolling, they are required to “invest a significant amount of time outside of class watching the series.” The 3 credit course is taught by professor David A. Harris, and students must submit one short paper and one longform paper during the semester.

See the full course description here.

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