Katy Perry and Migos’ sex-obsessed ‘Bon Appétit’ is a recipe for greatness

All-star collaboration is the latest track from Katy Perry’s new album.

Katy Perry ft. Migos, 'Bon Appetit'
Katy Perry ft. Migos, ‘Bon Appetit’

Has a sexual innuendo ever been less subtle than Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appetit’? “Got me spread like a buffet / Bon appétit, baby,” goes the chorus. Thinking hats at the ready. God knows what she’s on about. “Appetite for seduction / Fresh out the oven / Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’.” Nope. No idea. Thankfully Offset from Migos is here to really drive the message home: “I grab her legs and now divide, aight.” No more explanation required.

‘Bon Appétit’ is essentially a straight-up banger, no strings attached. Super-songwriter Max Martin has his mitts all over it. No time for faffy verses, it goes straight to the chorus. Low-key house synths back Perry’s food puns, which out-innuendo the average Nigella Lawson recipe. “I’m a five-star Michelin,” she declares. “We can wine and dine / a table for two.”

The mood they’re in, Migos could grace any track and make it even better. The hip-hop trio are riding a wave, topping charts worldwide, becoming genuine superstars. They’re the secret weapon on Calvin Harris’ ‘Slide’ track with Frank Ocean, and they appear on Sean Paul’s new track ‘Body’. Their role on ‘Bon Appétit’ is mostly to keep the innuendo rolling. Quavo calls himself a guy who “can change your life,” no shortage of bravado by his side. It’s a collaboration even the finest chefs couldn’t cook up. This is the supremely confident, addictive, steamed-up sound of summer 2017.

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