Kanye West’s original plan for ‘Watch The Throne’ was to ‘include n-word in every song title’

Collaborative album was released in 2011

Kanye West and Jay Z
Kanye West and Jay Z

Kanye West‘s 2011 collaborative album with Jay Z ‘Watch The Throne’ almost featured the n-word in every song title, according to former Grantland And Awl publisher David Cho.

In a podcast, which you can listen to below, Cho claims that West and Jay had a disagreement regarding the title of single ‘N****s In Paris’.

“Jay wanted to call [‘N****s In Paris’] ‘Ball So Hard,’ and Kanye was like ‘No’,” Cho recalled.

West then outlined his vision for the ‘Watch The Throne’ tracklist. “We’re gonna put the n-word in every single title on this album so everyone has to say it and they have to confront it,” the rapper said, according to Cho.

Though it’s unclear whether the final version of “N****s In Paris” is the result of a compromise between West and Jay, the hit single is the only track on the album to feature the word in its title.

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Last October, West confirmed that there will be no follow-up to his collaborative album ‘Watch The Throne’.

He stopped his performance of the Drake collaboration ‘Pop Style’ (which also featured Jay Z, with the two rappers originally billed as ‘The Throne’ on the single version) to speak his mind on the subject.

“Let me tell y’all something: there will never be a ‘Watch The Throne 2’,” West declared from his floating stage. “You know why? ‘Cos that’s the reason we weren’t on [the album version of ‘Pop Style’] because of Hov [Jay Z]. Because of this Tidal/Apple bullshit. And this shit be getting me tight every time I perform this motherfucker!”

However, reports earlier this year, claimed that the pair would collaborate again after “patching things up“.

Meanwhile, West recently launched a new jewellery line through his Yeezy fashion brand, which includes a $13,000 (£10,490) necklace.

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