George RR Martin has found the only nice people on the internet

The author’s fans could be the most supportive in the world

George RR Martin

Pretty much every time Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin does anything on the internet, he gets drowned in a deluge of fan responses demanding that he release the sixth book in his Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, because it’s been nearly six years in the making. Yesterday, after updating his blog with some non-Thrones information he pre-empted that response, writing “I wonder what my fans will be talking about in the comments today? Oh…right…The same ultra motivational speeches I get every day… Yay!” He was, of course, expecting trolling from fans of his fantasy epic series, who just can’t wait for book six and who criticise him for focusing on his (many) other projects.

Then something really, really strange happened. Martin’s tweet reads sarcastically, but it actually prompted a ton of real motivational material from his fans. All they wanted to do was comfort him, tell him he’s doing a good job, and let him know they’re happy to be patient. Who knows how, but George R.R. Martin has found the only nice people on Twitter. People like this:

@GRRMspeaking Love you. Take your time.

— Emmett Booth (@PoorQuentyn) April 11, 2017

And this:

@GRRMspeaking Take all the time you need. Greatness takes a long time to achieve

— Winged Wolf (@Winged_Wolf_) April 11, 2017

These fans weren’t ravenous. They were zen:

@GRRMspeaking Most of us want to read a product that you are proud to publish. We appreciate the time and effort you’re putting into TWOW 💙💙

— Noah (@Noah_Powell) April 11, 2017

@GRRMspeaking To heck with the haters, I only want to read then next book when you think it’s ready and not a day sooner!

— Goob (@GoobIsGoofy) April 11, 2017

They were chilled:

@GRRMspeaking Actually, I’m Zen, GRRM. It will be done when it is done. Neither a push nor a pull will move a creative on a path. Be well on your journey

— D.G. Speirs (@DGSpeirs) April 11, 2017

To be fair, some of them got a bit weird:

@GRRMspeaking take your time, my sweet summer dad

— (งツ)ว (@brooksasanoun) April 11, 2017

And, to be fair to GRRM, there were a few trolls out there too:

@GRRMspeaking How long did it take you to write that?

— Gerard Quinn (@gerardquinn) April 11, 2017

@GRRMspeaking Finish the book tho .

— Marcelle Andrade (@marcelleand) April 11, 2017

But seriously, the majority of the responses are, like, nice. Check out the whole lot of them here if you don’t believe it.

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