Fyre Fest “barred” from returning next year

Headliners Blink 182 also respond to the chaos after dropping out of the festival.

Fyre Festival barred next year

Fyre Festival founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland have reportedly been “barred” from holding another festival next year.

Last weekend’s festival was meant to be a new breed of music festival; one that catered to the upper-class. With tickets ranging from $1,000 to $12,000, attendees were disappointed to find that the event had been postponed due to the lack of running water, proper catering and correct safety protocol.

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According to Complex, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will not be allowing Fyre Festival to return next year and will enforce a “stricter vetting system” for music festivals in the future.

Due to last weekend’s Fyre Festival being cited as a “private event” the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism were unable to interfere during the planning process.

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Meanwhile, Blink 182 – who pulled out of last weekend’s festival – have responded to the chaos.

Speaking to TMZ, Blink 182 guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba said that he “feels good” about the band’s decision to drop out of their headlining slot. However, Skiba also commented that he feels “horrible for the people who got stuck”.

He added that he felt guilty that attendees had to fend for themselves by “drinking warm vodka and eating bologna sandwiches in a mud pit.”

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Meanwhile, the event’s lawyers are threatening festival-goers for live-tweeting their terrible experiences on-site.

Fyre Fest’s lawyers, in an attempt to stop the reputation of the festival being completely torched, have claimed that the attendee’s complaints that “communications on the island were non-existent and there was nothing but disaster relief tents that were on the verge of blowing over” are untrue and could “incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest.”

The attorneys state that if the attendee in question doesn’t remove their tweets, “someone innocent does get hurt as a result,” the attorneys promise” and “Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible.”

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