End of the road for Gladys Knight’s fried chicken business

Mini-chain had been open since 1997

Gladys Knight in concert
Gladys Knight in concert

Gladys Knight has called time on her fried chicken business following legal wrangles with her son.

The soul legend’s ‘Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles’ mini-chain opened in Atlanta in 1997.

But following a lawsuit and a recently failed health inspection, it has now been officially renamed ‘World Famous Chicken & Waffles’.

It comes after Knight sued her son Shanga Hankerson, who founded the restaurants, in order to have her name and likeness removed from the mini-chain after it ran into legal troubles in June 2016, reports eater.com.

Hankerson was also charged in an IRS raid for allegedly stealing over $650,000 in both sales and withholding tax.

He is no longer affiliated with the brand, which now operates two locations in the Atlanta area. A third restaurant was recently closed.

Knight previously featured in Jools Holland’s 10 most memorable ‘Later…’ performances alongside Oasis, Amy Winehouse and Paul McCartney.

At the time Holland said: “I’d always really loved Gladys Knight so when she came on, you know, I’d been to see her at Lewisham Odeon when I was 14. In the mornings when I’d be getting up for school her records were on. I loved Motown and all that stuff, so when she came on there was some mix-up.

“She wanted a band, then she didn’t, then it was just me and her at the piano and then I started playing – we did ‘If I Was Your Woman’ – and up until then she hadn’t really been Gladys and then she suddenly started singing and she was suddenly this voice I’d been hearing all my life. I was like ‘Woah! This is great!’”

Blur, Paul Weller, Portishead, Smokey Robinson and Richard Hawley also featured in Holland’s most memorable performances.


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