Ed Sheeran fans confused as #sheeranalbumparty trends on Twitter

It’s a tribute to Susan Boyle’s notorious #susanalbumparty of 2012.

#sheeranalbumparty trends on Twitter
#sheeranalbumparty trends on Twitter

Ed Sheeran fans have been confused this morning as the ambiguous hashtag #sheeranalbumparty trends on Twitter.

The hashtag was started by BBC Radio 1’s Greg James in tribute to Susan Boyle’s legendary #susanalbumparty of 2012, which was started by Boyle’s record label without anyone spotting the sexual innuendo.

In honour of #Susanalbumparty, we’re having an impromptu #Sheeranalbumparty. Gonna listen to some of Ed’s album #LOLathon

— Greg James (@gregjames) March 15, 2017

Some Sheeran fans are clearly amused by the joke, but others seem more confused by it. Check out a selection of their Twitter reactions below.

#sheeranalbumparty took me forever to work out what was going on here 🤔

— emz (@theesmiley333) March 15, 2017

WTF is a Sheer Anal Bum Party?! #sheeranalbumparty

— J.J. Barnes (@JudieannRose) March 15, 2017

Wakes up@at 5.30am. 😵Checks Twitter. Sheer anal bump party? WTF? 😳😳 *squints at screen several times* Ohhhh… #sheeranalbumparty

— Ursula Muller (@Christiesgal) March 15, 2017

#sheeranalbumparty yes, but not on a first date.

— Diane Young (@bachelorcolumbo) March 15, 2017

You mean everyone is having a #sheeranalbumparty and im stuck at work … Damn

— Chris Carruthers (@ChrisDerekCarr) March 15, 2017

Sadly, Sheeran himself has yet to share his thoughts on the #sheeranalbumparty.

Meanwhile, Sheeran has announced that he will be playing a huge show in London right before Glastonbury 2017. Fans are now speculating that he could be preparing to make a secret appearance at the festival.

It has also been confirmed that Ed Sheeran will make a guest appearance during season seven of Game Of Thrones.

The singer-songwriter has broken Spotify streaming records with the release of his huge new album ‘÷’.

His long-awaited third album – his first since June 2014’s ‘x’ – dropped on March 3. Fans responded to the new full-length record positively, while bookmakers quickly moved to post ‘÷’ as one of the favourites to become the UK’s biggest-selling album of 2017.

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