‘Deadpool 2’ cast baddie Black Tom Cassidy

Jack Kesy is reportedly portraying the X-Men adversary in the upcoming sequel.

Deadpool 2 have found their villain in actor Jack Kesy who is reported to be portraying classic X-Men baddie Black Tom Cassidy.

In the books, Black Tom Cassidy acts as the archenemy of his cousin Banshee – who appeared in X-Men: First Class – and finds his energy through plant life. This usually involves shooting blasts through his weapon – a shillelagh.

Black Tom Cassidy and Banshee are also rivals over a woman named Maeve Rourke – who later married Banshee.

His connection to Deadpool in Deadpool 2 has not yet been confirmed but in the books, he contracts a type of plant mutation, seeking to use Deadpool’s healing factor as a cure. Black Tom Cassidy also raised Banshee’s daughter, Siryn, who would go on to have a romantic relationship with Deadpool.

Jack Kesy is best known for his work as Gabriel Bollivar in The Strain. Deadline reports that he has now been cast as the X-Men adversary.

Meanwhile, rumours of X-Force characters appearing in the upcoming Deadpool sequel began earlier this month (May 10).

Preparations for the sequel to last year’s hugely-successful Marvel Comics adaptation are currently underway, with Ryan Reynolds set to return for his role as the titular anti-hero and Josh Brolin cast as Cable. Directed by David Leitch (John Wick) and written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Deadpool 2 has been given a release date of June 1, 2018.

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It has already been confirmed that X-Force character Domino will appear in Deadpool 2, with both Janelle Monae and Kerry Washington linked to the role.

Now, according to Comic Book, three more X-Force characters (Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar) are being cast for a post-credits scene that will precede a future X-Force standalone movie. X-Force is a Marvel superhero group and offshoot of the X-Men.

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