Cypress Hill might not want to be Chance The Rapper’s intern – but these people sure do

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If you’re aiming to break into the creative industries, there’s a fair chance you’ve been an intern at some point. You may have to do menial tasks for little to no pay, but you’ve gotta start somewhere right? It’s all about picking the right opportunities, because why bother being an intern at hellish workplace when you can go straight in at the top and be Chance The Rapper’s intern?

Though he may have picked up a whopping $500,000 to stream his latest album ‘Coloring Book’ exclusively via Apple Music, Chance is looking to give someone a leg up in the industry, and is after someone who has “experience in putting together decks and writing proposals” to be his intern. To us that sounds like a job, and 90s hip-hop stars Cypress Hill agree.

@chancetherapper is a quality qualified candidate with the above skills called an intern?

— Cypress Hill ™ (@cypresshill) March 27, 2017

But Chance insists it’s just a holding title, and that it is indeed a “job”.

I know “intern” has a negative connotation but the job I’m looking to fill doesn’t really have an official title yet. But it is a “job”.

— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) March 28, 2017

I want intern resumes formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals

— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) March 27, 2017

That hasn’t stopped people getting excited about potentially working with one of the most popular rappers on the earth right now.

I would literally drop everything to be @chancetherapper‘s intern! I’m about to call my grandmom to pray about this one 😭

— bri (@_____bat) March 27, 2017

*sells body and every belonging of mine to be able to put “intern for chance the rapper” on resume*

— hannah morris (@hannahmorrris) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper if you need a graphic designer, holla @ me

— Kelly Upton (@kellyuptown3) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper yes i’m here for it – here for u. i like to win so let’s kick some ass and win some shit

— zo▲ost (@skerupp) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper You won’t have no problem, have no problem with me. #HireMePlz

— Chloe Borah (@ChloBo_FoSho) March 27, 2017

Adam’s hoping that their musical expertise helps swing it their way.

@chancetherapper yo I can make you some hot beats.

— Adam Singer (@AdamSinger) March 27, 2017

These people seem to know their way around a ‘deck’.

@chancetherapper filmmaker photographer minority does social media v good at decks 👀

— kim hoyos (@kim_hoyos) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper I’m a communication major living in Chicago, writing proposals and putting together decks is what I do! Dm me!

— tara (@ughease) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper I’ve emailed about 50+ proposals to investors before, & I’ve made 20+ pitch decks. You will have ZERO PROBLEMS big fella if you pick me! 🙋🏻

— Samantha Fong (@samfonggg) March 27, 2017

But for most of us, we were left scratching our heads…

@chancetherapper i dont know what a deck is but i played hella yugioh and would be the hardest working intern on the face of the planet

— CoD Logic (@CoDLogic_YT) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper the Internet (myself included): “yes here yes hello yes decks I know decks I have decks front decks back decks all decks”

— Talya Minsberg (@tminsberg) March 27, 2017

@chancetherapper @TrinidadJamis0n

— Billy Rolland (@billy_rolland) March 27, 2017


— [マスタープラン] (@notarealrapper) March 27, 2017

Convincing pitches? Looks like Jon is your man.

@chancetherapper in 4th grade I helped my friend get his parents to buy a swimming pool by making a powerpoint

— Jon Savitt (@savittj) March 27, 2017

Bold, but effective.

@chancetherapper okay I’m in! Hire me.

— Violet Benson (@Daddyissues__) March 28, 2017

He should probably steer clear of President Trumps’ former intern, who had a social media clanger in 2015.  But then again, Trump does that most days…

The young intern who accidentally did a Retweet apologizes.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 22, 2015

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