‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ theme composer responds to internet memes

Luciano Michelini speaks in new interview

Luciano Michelini, the composer behind the famous Curb Your Enthusiasm theme, has responded to the internet memes that combine the TV show’s credits music with awkward moments from pop culture.

Larry David’s (pictured above) cult comedy often closes its episodes with the character engaged in an awkward situation as the theme music begins to play. Famous parodies include adding the music to the end of the Oscars Best Picture mix-up (see below).

Michelini recently spoke to Thump when he addressed the memes. “I have seen many of the videos on YouTube… it’s very amusing, and I think it’s the perfect way to use the song,” he said.

warren your enthusiasm pic.twitter.com/r0HqRWHuy1

— Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) February 27, 2017

Of how his song ‘Frolic’ became involved with Curb, Michelini explained: “Larry David never contacted me directly. In 2000, the son of Franco Micalizzi [an Italian composer from RCA] called me and said that an American label bought the music rights to a film by director Sergio Martino, La Bellissima Estate. ‘Frolic’ was one of the songs in the movie, but I never thought that ‘Frolic’ would have a future life because of this. A while later, Larry David’s production team contacted the music editor, and I found out Larry had chosen ‘Frolic’ as the main theme song for his new series. The funny thing is they also wanted to know if I was still alive because the movie was from 1974!”

“If I think of how many great songs there are in the world, I find it difficult to explain how ‘Frolic’ has become such a success and so recognisable. I can only guess it was just the right song for the right TV show at the right time. I wrote the instruments including mandolin, tuba, piano, and strings to really catch the ear of the listener. It’s a piece with comical DNA.”

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return later this year for ninth season. Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham recently confirmed that she will appear in the new episodes.

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