Coachella does want to book Kate Bush, says promoter

Paul Tollett responds to recent reports that Americans “wouldn’t understand” the star

Coachella‘s promoter Paul Tollett has said that the festival would want to book Kate Bush despite recent reports suggesting the opposite.

Yesterday Marc Geiger, head of music at the William Morris Endeavour agency, claimed that Coachella rejected the idea of booking Bush because people wouldn’t “understand” her. “‘I’ll say, ‘Kate Bush!’ And [Coachella CEO Paul Tollett will] go, ‘No!,’ and we’ll talk through it,” he said. “I’ll say, ‘She’s never played here, and she just did 30 shows in the UK for the first time since the late seventies. You gotta do it! Have to!’ ‘No! No one is going to understand it.’”

After a spokesman for Bush denied that she was ever involved in negotiations with the festival, Tollett has now told The Los Angeles Times: “Even going back before Coachella [started in 1999], Goldenvoice has been after her for 25 years. She just doesn’t do very many shows.”

Tollett went on to say that Bush wouldn’t have been right to replace Beyoncé as one of this year’s headliner (Lady Gaga is replacing her instead). “That’s not the right place to put her — as a replacement for Beyoncé on a Saturday night. She’s never played in America, and to think that could be arranged in 30 days, that would be impossible,” Tollett said. “We’ve had a long history of delicacies at Coachella, and that is one of the ultimate delicacies. Of course we would want that.”

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Music icon Bush performed an exclusive run of ‘Before The Dawn’ shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014. Rumours that a world tour or perhaps later festival performances turned out to be false.

The singer’s 22-date ‘Before The Dawn’ residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in 2014 were her first full live shows in 35 years. She previously performed 28 shows across Europe on 1979’s ‘The Tour Of Life’.

Asked last year if she’d ever follow up the shows, Bush replied: “The thing about that show is that a lot of the material was already, most of the material, was already written. And to start something like that from scratch is another whole world of work isn’t it. I don’t know. It was an extraordinary thing to be involved in, especially to have got the response that we did. It was wonderful for everybody involved in the show to get that kind of positive feeling every night.

“It was really magical. But I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Definitely do something. I want to just do something new. I’ve been working with this project for a really long time now.”

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