Christine and the Queens covers Ariana Grande, says to keep pop music as a “safe space”

The French pop star was performing at Radio One’s Big Weekend.

Christine and the Queens Ariana Grande cover

Christine and the Queens performed at Radio One’s Big Weekend today (May 29), playing cuts from the 2016 album ‘Chaleur Humaine’.

The French pop star paid tribute to Ariana Grande following the Manchester terror attack on Monday (May 22).

Performing a short, impromptu, a cappella cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Greedy’, singer Héloïse Letissier asked the crowd, “Do you know that song by Ariana Grande?”

“This is what pop music should be about – empowerment. It’s okay to be greedy,” she continued. “It should be a safe space, pop music; a space to scream things you are afraid to say out loud, a space to embrace everything that weighs you down usually. This is pop music for me – a safe space.”

Christine and the Queens ariana grande cover

“Let’s make sure to keep that door open. Let’s make that safe space a welcoming one, still. Let’s try,” she added.

Introducing her next performance, Letissier said; “The next song is precisely about that – a door brutally opened for me by a stranger, by an outsider, by a freak you might say. By a boy who had nowhere else to go and I decided to write this song as a safe space for him to live in. I tried. And that song is called ‘Saint Claude’.”

Earlier this year, Letissier revealed that she’s currently working on the follow-up to debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’.

“This one was a debut album for me, so it feels just like an introduction,” she told NME. “Now we can dive deeper.”

She continued: “I’ve been writing since it was out, so I do have many songs now and I have to choose. It’s not really difficult though, because I know where I want to make Christine go. I know where she’s going to be, who she’s going to be, who she’s going to be in love with and what she will be angry for.”

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Speaking of the sound of her next record, Heloise Letissier told NME: “I can’t really tell much, because then that would spoil the fun – but it will definitely be more sweaty and tougher. Maybe more high-tempo, but still really sad because I’m just me and I’m just sad deep down, but I’ll be properly able to dance on it all the time.”

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