Biffy Clyro to give away new vinyl to their “500 biggest fans”

The Kilmarnock trio will reward their most ardent followers with a new – and totally free – release to bolster their record collection

Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro will reward their “500 biggest fans” with a brand new vinyl release.

The Kilmarnock trio have teamed up with Spotify for the new fan giveaway, with the limited edition 12″ vinyl in question containing a recording of their ‘Spotify Sessions’ performance – which was recorded in the streaming service’s Berlin office last summer.

The new release represents Spotify’s first foray into the physical music market, which will initially target Biffy Clyro’s most ardent followers. Part of Spotify’s new Fans First programme, the first 500 Biffy fans to redeem the offer will receive the limited edition copy of the ‘Spotify Sessions’ vinyl free of charge. The release date of the vinyl has yet to be confirmed.

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Speaking about the nature of the release, the band remarked: “As big fans of vinyl, we are overjoyed at the prospect of our Spotify session being available on this format. Get your turntables ready, people.”

Meanwhile, Biffy drummer Ben Johnston recently spoke about the band’s possible plans to honour the tenth anniversary of their album ‘Puzzle’.

Speaking to NME back in February, Johnston said: “We always have plans. We’re not a band that shirk off our earlier stuff – we’re really proud of it and try to put it in the set as we can. We just thought this was a great opportunity to have two different sets to show the evolution of the band to a degree. I think in the future we’ll do nights where we play albums in their entirety.”

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