Behind the scenes at the VO5 NME Awards 2017

Exclusive pictures from the winner’s circle

Biffy Clyro NME Awards 2017 winners
The mighty Biffy Clyro are old hands at posing with awards, of course, and Simon Neil went straight for the nostril with his Best British Band award supported by Zig-Zag like a seasoned pro.

Ever wondered what happens when award winners have finished thanking their make-up people, dissing the haters, rousing rock’n’roll rebellion and wandered off backstage with one arm holding their trophy triumphantly aloft and the other hugging Adam Buxton like a long-lost brother? You might imagine they immediately strip naked and dive into the six foot plunge-pool full of Bollinger and supermodels we kindly provide for them behind the set, but no, first they must laud their win before the cameras of the world’s press, and join NME in the Winners Room to be photographed alongside their fellow victors, then they’re allowed in the champagne jacuzzi. Here’s a glimpse behind the glittery curtain…

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