Andrew WK’s new app gives you a gnarly – but pain free – bloody nose

2001 was a beautiful year. The Strokes released their debut album. The White Stripes blasted out of the streets of Detroit into rock’n’roll legend with ‘White Blood Cells’. I discovered Bacardi Breezers. Truly a landmark 12 months. But that’s not all. There was also a guy called Andrew WK. A guy who liked to party and didn’t care who knew it.

His first album, ‘I Get Wet’, was an intense mix of power pop and thrash metal and it featured one of the most arresting cover images of the decade. The shot featured Andrew straight after he’d smashed himself in the face with a brick – and then added a liberal dose of animal blood – for a grotesque I’ve-just-been-in-a-massive-fight/I’ve-just-done-far-too-much-cocaine look.

Anyway, now, just a mere 16 years since the release of ‘I Get Wet’, Andrew WK has released his first smartphone app. The Party Hard Bloody Nose app lets you get the gruesome cover look without having to go on a five day drugs and violence bender, by easily adding a bloody nose to any picture you wish. Dreamy! Download the app by clicking here. Even Andrew himself has been using it, as you can see below. I mean, he’s probably too old for hitting himself in the face with masonry now. Aren’t we all, I suppose.

I released my first ever smartphone app about partying…

— ANDREW W.K. (@AndrewWK) February 22, 2017

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