Adele responds to trolls who compared her Grammys look to Shrek character

The singer wore a green dress to the ceremony last month

Princess Fiona

Adele has responded to trolls who compared her in her Grammys outfit to Princess Fiona from Shrek.

The Tottenham singer picked up five awards at the ceremony in LA last month, including Album Of The Year, and wore a green dress to the event.

On stage in Perth, the star told the audience how she felt about the comments being made online. “I don’t fucking care,” she said. “It was Givenchy Couture. They can say what they want.”

She continued: “Before the Grammys I had this dress right, I wore this green dress, everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek. They did.

“I worked out,” she said, as Metro reports. “Obviously I’m a large lady and I like eating food very much, but I was working out twice a day to fit into that Givenchy dress because it was quite tight.”

Meanwhile, Adele told fans at another gig in Australia that she cut a fireworks section at the last minute because of her son.

The singer explained that when the fireworks were tested during soundcheck, her son, four-year-old Angelo, was struck in the eye by flying debris.

“Up until last night, we did have fireworks for you,” she said, according to local website

“My son was watching in the crowd… a bit of debris went in his eye so we got rid of them.”

However, she also hinted that the fireworks section could be reinstated later in the tour by asking fans whether they wanted to see them in spite of the risk of flying debris.

“Let’s get a cheer for fireworks if you want them,” she said, reportedly drawing a loud cheer.

“Let’s get a ‘boo’ if you don’t want shit in your eyes,” she then said to a quieter reception, before adding: “Alright, we’ll do it next time.”

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